How Do Permissions Work in


We created a permission system with multiple layers of control to allow you the maximum flexibility in assigning permissions within This system relies on permissions, permission roles, and permission schemes. You can learn more about these below:

  • Permission: individual capabilities that can be assigned within, such as the capability to browse, request, create, or manage an item. These permissions are separate from the permissions within your cloud accounts. Learn more in the Permissions article.
  • Permission Role: a role you can create, such as Admin, that will be assigned individual permissions using a permission scheme. Learn more and see examples in the What are Permission Roles? article.
  • Permission Scheme: permission schemes are how permission roles apply to objects (OUs, projects, funding sources) within You can create a permission scheme that can map individual permissions to the Admin permission role, and then select users and user groups who will get that role. Learn more about permission schemes and see examples in the What are Permission Schemes? article. To learn how to map users and user groups to permission schemes, see the Map Users and User Groups article.
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