Terminate Actions in cloudtamer.io


As of release 2.20.0, we removed the terminate enforcement action to make project termination more customizable to better meet our customers' needs. The terminate enforcement action was initially added to the cloudtamer.io software to provide basic functionality for project termination, but we have since decided to move it to Zendesk, where customers can configure a custom solution for their project termination needs.

The new project termination process will be available as a resource in Zendesk soon, and will be announced in our release notes when it's available.

If you already use the terminate enforcement action and upgrade to version 2.20.0, the terminate enforcement will no longer trigger. We suggest setting another enforcement action, such as freezing resources, until the new project termination process is released. For more information, see Create a Financial Enforcement Action on a Project or Create a Financial Enforcement Action on an OU.

For customers running earlier versions of cloudtamer.io, the now-deprecated information on termination actions is available in the What are Terminate Actions article.

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