Add a Project

Follow projects are different from Google Cloud projects, which are added to as accounts. To learn how to add a Google Cloud project, see the Google Cloud section of the Add an Account article.

To add a new project:

  1. Click Projects > All Projects.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Enter a Project Name to identify the project throughout the application. This name must be unique among projects.
  4. In the Description field, enter an optional description.
  5. In the OU field, select an OU.
  6. In the Permissions Scheme drop-down menu, select the Default Project Permissions Scheme or another custom scheme.
    • Note: if custom permission schemes are turned off, you will not see this field, and the default permission scheme will be used.
  7. In the Owners drop-down menus, select at least one user or user group.
  8. In the Project Spend Plan section, click Add Funding Source.
  9. In the Select a funding source drop-down menu, select the funding source that the project will use. Please note that:
    • You can add more than one funding source to the project spend plan.
    • There must be a funding source available for every month you want the project to operate.
    • You can also use more than one funding source in a given month.
    • You can drag and drop the funding sources to prioritize the order in which they are used.
  10. In the Months Applied field, select the start and end months during which the project can use the funding source. Funding sources can only be set on month boundaries since cloud accounts generally finalize spend once a month.
  11. In the Planned Amount field, enter the dollar amount available to the project.
  12. Click Create Project.


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