Viewing User Groups


Adding users to user groups is a good way to manage responsibilities and permissions among teams. Instead of adding a user individually to each project, you can create a user group that represents a team and add all the team members to the group. You can then grant permissions to the user group and manage the users in a single location. Every form in that allows you to assign a user also allows you to assign a user group.

To view all the user groups, select Users in the left navigation menu and then select User Groups. You will see the User Groups list page. User groups can be filtered alphabetically or by keyword. 

You can also export your user groups to a CSV file by clicking the Export CSV button. This allows you to easily generate a list of all user groups. The exported list includes columns to sort by user group or IDMS. 


User Group Details: Overview Tab

You can click on a user group name to see its details page. By default, you'll see the Overview tab, which includes:

  • The group name will show at the top above the tab menu.
  • Created - date when the group was added to the application.
  • Description - optional description that was added when the group was created


User Group Details: User Tab

Click the User tab to display all users that are members of the group.


User Group Details: Projects Tab

Click the Projects tab to display all projects where the group has access and their permission role for the project. You can filter projects by keyword on this tab.


User Group Details: OUs Tab

Click the OUs tab to display all OUs where the group has access and the role of the group in the OU.


User Group Details: Funding Sources Tab

Click the Funding Sources tab to display all funding sources where the group has access and the role of the user group for the funding source.


User Group Details: Cloud Rules Tab

Click the Cloud Rules tab to display all cloud rules where the user group is the owner.


User Group Details: Permissions Tab

The Permissions tab allows you to see a list of permissions that the user group has on each item within This is the best way to see exactly what access a user has throughout the application.

To learn what permissions a user group has:

  1. On the Permissions tab, click an item type within the Item Type list. This will filter the items displayed in the Item list.
  2. Click an item within the Item list.
  3. The permissions the user group has for that item will be displayed in the Permissions list.


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