Add an Account to a Project


In order to add an account to a project, you must have the Project Manage Accounts permission. 

There are a few ways to attach an account to a project. These are the options:

  1. From the Accounts tab on the project detail page, you can click Add > Connect Existing Account and select Connect External Account (to add an account not yet in or Connect From Account Cache* (to select an account you already added to the cache). From there, follow the appropriate link in this article (depending on the type of externally-created account you wish to attach).
  2. From the Accounts > All Accounts page, you can click the + button. This allows you to add an externally-created account that is not currently managed by
  3. From the Accounts > Account Cache page, you can click the menu option that says Attach to Project. This option allows you to choose an account from the account cache to associate with a project.

*You can enable creation from the account cache using: Settings > System Settings > Account Creation Settings > Enable Account Cache


For more information and instructions on adding accounts to projects, see Managing Cloud Accounts in the Administrator section of the Knowledge Base.

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