Managing Other AWS Partitions From a Single Installation

As of the 2.13 release it became much easier to add AWS GovCloud accounts to running in AWS Commercial and vice versa. The steps below document how to manage other AWS partitions from a single installation (i.e., manage GovCloud if you're currently running Commercial, or manage Commercial if you're currently running GovCloud).

You should schedule downtime because any AWS accounts in a separate partition will not be accessible until these steps are completed.

  1. Ensure you are upgraded to 2.13 or higher and logged in as the built-in administrator.
  2. Choose an AWS account as the central point of authentication. We recommend using an empty account for partition access.
  3. In the application, navigate to Settings > System Settings > AWS Partitions.
  4. Click Download CloudFormation to download the cloudtamer-partition-user CloudFormation.
  5. Choose the AWS partition type in the Select An AWS Partition drop-down menu.
  6. In the AWS account that is chosen as the central point of authentication, if the cloudtamer-service-role already exists, perform an update stack operation in CloudFormation. If the cloudtamer-service-role does not exist, perform a create stack operation in CloudFormation.
  7. Generate IAM access keys from the IAM user: cloudtamer-service-user.
  8. Return to the application and enter the IAM access keys into the Settings > System Settings > AWS Partitions page.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Within 5-10 minutes (depending on the number of linked accounts in this partition), all the AWS accounts will be migrated to use the AWS account as the central point of authentication.



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